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How long do kids need to feed from mum before they should be we end off?
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* June 24, 2017, 02:09:05 PM
Hi. My Toggenburg girl gave birth to three beautiful kids 17 days ago. We decided to leave them with mum and not bottle feed them. All the goats are now mixing together during the day- mum, the 3 kids and a family of Boer goats (mum and her two kids who are 10 months old). We take them all out in the afternoon for a good forage on our property and the new kids are testing out new things to eat, although they aren't really chewing and eating anything just tasting. At what age do they start to eat a normal diet and not need their mums milk any more? Any info well appreciated. Also we don't worm our goats as they eat a natural diet with the exception of a small amount of grain twice a day, do you think the kids are ok also not to worm?

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    How long do kids need to feed from mum before they should be we end off? in Breeding / Kidding June 24, 2017, 04:14:34 PM
    congrats on triplets!  that's a big job for your Togg doe! Sounds like they are doing ok if they are nearly 3 weeks old.  If you decide to wean, most people do it at 3 months or older (particularly if you are bottle feeding!)  We used to wean all ours but now we just leave them with mum.  Some of the kids are big sooks and still feed off mum when they are 9 - 12 months old, but usually mum won't stand it for long so it's more a case of wishful thinking!  Most kids will start eating small amounts of grass and dirt even when just a few weeks old.  If you don't mind keeping them all together goats make exceptional mothers and seem to do the job of weaning their kids just fine without human intervention!
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    * June 24, 2017, 08:04:38 PM
    Thanks Madhatter.  We left the Boer kids with their mum and she weaned them herself. As you said, the male was a big sook and still had a bit of a feed from mum at 10 months. This time we will be selling the 2 male kids just not sure at what age to do so.
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