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Deep Cycle batteries some info for off grid
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* December 08, 2017, 08:08:01 PM
Deep Cycle batteries are the backbone of any "OFF GRID" System.
I have a special calculator on this site for understanding discharge and usage rates "very basically".

Just one thing i didn't mention , was the fact that deep cycle batteries with their AH("ampere hour" rating) are actually lower in AH the heavier they are discharged.

For example a 12v 100AH battery discharged at 2KW (rate using 166amps continuous) will not last
100/166 = 0.602 of an  hour e.g. 35 minutes approx.
It will in fact only last 15 minutes or less because of the physics of discharge.

NOTE: in off grid systems never use a deep cycle battery AS a deep cycle battery ,  the heavier beef of them is to support high throughput as a joined array without damage in such a large economic investment!
never discharge any one battery more than 1/10th of its ah rating (why arrays are used to raise the storage size).

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