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Best way to graze sheep?
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* February 27, 2017, 09:03:28 AM
G'day. Im new to the forum and have not long ago brought a 5 acre property in Wamuran. There is a 2.5 acre paddock with a dam and a 1/2 acre paddock. There is mainly paspalum, kikuyu, Pangola and a few other grasses. I have 3 dorper ewes and 2 horses.  The sheep are in the smaller paddock at the moment but I have noticed that they eat some patches of grass almost to the dirt and there are other patches that are still long. What would be the best way to graze the stock on the pasture to try and keep the grasses healthy and at a decent height? Any help would be appreciated, cheers.

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    Best way to graze sheep? in Sheep Forum March 05, 2017, 10:24:35 AM
    G'day Cletus and welcome to the forum. :grin:

    I've found with mine (30 sheep on 5 acres) the tasty stuff disappears first then the rest disappears in a descending order of tastiness.
    We've divided our place up into 5 paddocks with one large and four smaller areas.
    We try and rotate them through to keep the grass at a reasonable height, focused on not letting it get too short.
    It takes a lot longer for the grass to bounce back if it's coming back from stubble, that's the plan, though it doesn't always work out that way.
    If they're ignoring particular varieties you might need to try and remove them and replace with something more palatable as an ongoing project.
    TBH with mine I've found the only thing they don't eat is Scotch thistle.
    I think with your stock numbers and area available they are able to pick and choose what they are eating as it is growing back in time for them to revisit.
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    * April 08, 2017, 06:00:02 AM
    Hi I've had sheep for many years. As far as I'm concerned the most important thing is have lots of little paddocks so that they graze down the whole paddock quickly & are then moved on. I use electric fencing. People will tell you sheep can't be kept in by electric fencing I've not had any trouble keeping my wiltipols in with electric. I use 4 strands so there is no way a sheep can put their head through without touch a live strand. The trick with electric fencing is make sure the first time an animal touches the fence it gets a big kick then it doesn't come back for seconds
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